Investor Registration

Register with Glass Box MKT to access new investment opportunities in up-and-coming private companies, small cap public companies and real estate syndicates.

Investment opportunities are most frequently structured as:

  • Direct Offerings of Common Share
  • Direct Offerings of Preferred Shares
  • Convertible Promissory Notes
  • Non-convertible Promissory Notes
  • Second Market Resales of Common Shares
  • Second Market Loans against Common Shares

To register with Glass Box MKT, you must qualify as an accredited investor or a principal, manager or advisor of an accredited investor, as defined under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

What makes the Glass Box Investor Experience Unique?

1. Speed to Closing

Offering parties on Glass Box MKT are ready to act. They have defined the amount of capital that they are seeking, selected a deal structure that meets their needs, and engaged Glass Box Law to prepare their definitive legal docs.

2. Lower Legal Expense

Transaction documents are prepared at the offering party’s expense. You simply need to have your counsel review.

3. Greater Transparency

As a Glass Box investor, you will be granted access to a unique “offering portal” for each opportunity presented on our platform. These offering portals will include in-depth diligence materials and electronic subscription functionality. You will find following base-level portal components:

  • Detailed Offering Profile
  • Dynamic Data Room
  • Government Filings Log
  • Legal Disclosures
  • Subscription System
  • Accredited Status Certification

As you gain familiarity with the Glass Box MKT portal system, and the different diligence components included, you will be able to efficiently evaluate new opportunities and seamlessly track your activity.

Investor Application

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