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Why use Glass Box MKT?

Raise Capital

For private and public companies seeking to raise funds via debt or equity.

List your offering on Glass Box MKT and increase your access to capital. Glass Box presents a seamless solution to (1) develop a legally compliant securities offering, (2) publish your offering in an online portal format, and (3) broadcast your offering to qualified accredited and institutional investors.


For investors seeking to diversify into high-growth private companies, emerging public companies and real estate syndicates.

Obtain detailed offering data on opportunities that fit your investment criteria, execute subscription documents in a secure online portal environment, and retain ongoing access to your portfolio companies’ data room documents.

Sell or Borrower

For existing securities holders looking to sell or borrow against their position.

List your holdings on Glass Box MKT to access investors and lenders seeking to purchase or lend against securities in established companies. Glass Box presents an efficient solution to create liquidity in what are often illiquid positions. Listing parties have access to legal and escrow services via


It’s what makes Glass Box MKT different than every other investment marketplace.

Glass Box MKT gives investors direct access to detailed diligence material on high-quality opportunities in early stage-private companies, small cap public companies, and real estate syndicates.

All companies and securities holders that list in our marketplace are required to build out a full-bodied offering portal that includes a robust data room, government filings log and much more. This gives our investor users (1) a uniform experience when reviewing new opportunities, (2) an efficient method to quantify risk, and (3) a simple way to maintain visibility into the companies in which they invest.

Ultimately, GlassBoxMKT provides investors with the ability to evaluate a deeper level of information in a shorter period of time than otherwise possible through a more traditional offering framework.

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